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“This lightweight fly is shaped so that it can be erected in a number of configurations to best suit the prevailing conditions, and then altered easily if the weather changes or a different shape is needed for overnight.
Safety yellow and orange colours enable easy identification from the air in an emergency and also from the ground in bushland if you are returning to a temporary camp.
Waterproof to 5000mm, the fly will give instant protection if you are caught out in bad weather as it is lightweight, easily carried in a pack and quick to erect in the bush.
Use a pole each end and pegs in a longer term situation or simply hang from trees with cord for a quick shelter.
In the bush a stick can be used each end for support if required.

Poles and cord are not included with this fly.

We recommend using our genuine 550 parachute cord, safety orange.
Dimensions: 4.25m wide x 3.45m long.
Weight: 650 grams. It will easily fold into a package size 230mm x 280mm.”