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  • How to vacuum seal without a machine.
  • Venison,  Moroccan Tajine style.
  • Mincing (meat that is).
  • Cutting kindling.
  • Tassie venison sausages.
  • How to set up a fly camp.
  • Fine dining.



Find nice spot, maybe a slight slope, and clear the sticks and stones where your bed will be.

Collect quite a lot of bracken fern tops, secateurs are ideal for this. Make a pile where your sleep mat will be and lay a tarp over that with some extra on one side.

Place the mat on top, then a fleece sack. Sleeping bag on top of that, opened out and use as a doona. If it’s a bit damp you can fold the extra edge of the tarp over yourself later.

Set up a fly, making sure that the drain edge is to the low side of the slope and that water cannot pool on it.

Para cord is great for the strings as it’s easy to tie and untie and can be tied to grass as well. Use the local sticks for adjustment.

Lay back and admire your handiwork, fall asleep and dream of that stag just walking up to you. Nothing much left to do eh?

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A tasty easy recipe for your venison.

B0PF31 Young Woman Eating Sausage Model Released
Mmmm, tastey!

A load of Tasmanian Fallow sausages.

  • 4kg prime Tassie fallow
  • 1 kg of pork shoulder and fat.
  • 1 kg of pork shoulder and fat.
  • Cup of iced water.
  • 2 TBS of Rosemary.
  • 2tbs of all spice.
  • TBS each of salt and pepper.
  • Half a cup of honey.
  • Partly frozen meat is best to run through the mincer.
  • Mix dry ingredients with iced water then add to mince with honey and mix through with hands.
  • Tasmanian fallow is best but if all you can get is Victorian sambar that will be OK. ( Bloody Victorians have had it too good for too long. Shooting as many deer as you like all year round )
  • Pump the mixture in to sausage skins or use as burgers.



Is a specialised camp chore not to be left to an untrained person without the obligatory OH&S Camp Wench Certificate or a trainee under supervision of a sober adult. To avoid this…


Do this…Hold down the thin timber and whack it well away from your hand.


Or this… Use a protective glove on the hand nearest the sharp bit of the axe.


Even better… Use tongs to get right out of the way.


Or get somebody else to do it. ACK: SHV

MINCING: 26/2/16

You really want to remove all sinew and grisly bits from any meat that you want to put through a mincer.
Very cold, or meat with icicles is best for mincing.
Make sure that everything is super clean, that means mincer parts, bowls, knives and hands.
If you are going to pack the end product in the freezer, you may be best to have some scales and zip lock bags handy and write the product, weight and date on the bag beforehand.
Not sure what size mince plate to use? Start with the coarse one, you can always run it through a fine one later. Ack: SHV


Feeds two.
You need, a Tajine (Tagine) and a heat source.
Enough meat pieces for two people. Don’t be greedy, veggies are important, everyone knows that.
Vegetables. Potato thick slices, carrot pieces, onion bits or any other combination. Just make sure the pieces are not too small.
Enough Moroccan spice to cover the meat. Any type of cooking oil, olive oil is best.
Mix enough oil and spice together in the tajine to make a runny paste, then whack in the meat and coat it all and add a couple of pinches of salt. Spread it out in the tajine.
Start layering the vegetables on the top in a cute pattern bearing in mind the shape of the tajine lid.
Gently add water to just below the rim and give the veggies another good dose of salt.
Cook for an hour, not too hot but it should be just on the simmer, check a few times to make sure that the water has not completely gone, add a bit now and again.
Burn yourself a couple of times for good measure then plate it up and fend off the lazy people who just had a cold tin of baked beans.

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Take a good quality zip lock bag of suitable size and put the food in. Be careful not to overload it where it might foul the zip lock.
Fill a sink or bucket with enough water to be able to submerge the bag.
Zip the bag from one end but not fully. Submerge the bag on an angle, open end out of the water.
Keep submerging until the bag is under the water apart from the actual top of the bag corner. This will squeeze all of the air out of the part not zipped.
Complete the sealing under the water without letting any water in. There you have it. Chuck it in the freezer or fridge.

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Ack: SHV