Fleece Sleeping Sack

2 metres x .8 m fleece with zipper completely down one side and across the bottom. This enables the  sack to be undone and used as blanket 2 metres long x 1.6 metres wide. Another sack can be joined by the zipper to make a double sleeping sack or double blanket. Available only in red, the fleece sack weighs 750 grams. Use in summer as a light sleeping bag or in winter as a sleeping bag liner or bag inside a swag.

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SamHuntVic Fly


FEATURES This lightweight fly is shaped so that it can be erected in a number of configurations to best suit the prevailing conditions, and then altered easily if the weather changes or a different shape is needed for overnight. Safety yellow and orange colours enable easy identification from the air in an emergency and also from the ground in bushland if you are returning to a temporary camp. Waterproof to 5000mm, the fly will give instant protection if you are caught out in bad weather as it is lightweight, easily carried in a pack and quick to erect in the bush. Use a pole each end and pegs in a longer term situation or simply hang from trees with cord for a quick shelter. In the bush a stick can be used each end for support if required.

We recommend using our genuine 550 parachute cord, safety orange. Dimensions: 4.25m wide x 3.45m long. Weight: 650 grams.

It will easily fold to a package size 230mm x 80mm

There are no poles or cord supplied with this fly.

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SamHuntVic Hunter’s Backpack Weight: 2.3kg Capacity: 50+ litres

Features Main compartment access all at once due to three sided zip closure. Rifle compartment central position for best weight distribution of the whole pack Can pack rifle barrel up or down and seal from the weather. In any case drain holes at the bottom. Easy access zipped compartment at the top for small items. Compression straps to hold contents in place in less than fully loaded pack. Plenty of attachment points for tying items to the outside of pack. Wide padded adjustable waist strap. Sectional padding on rear of the pack to match your back shape. Roll up and secure bottom of rifle compartment if not in use. Water bladder section. Two way adjustable padded shoulder straps.

This pack is large enough for use in backpack hunting and then light enough to use as a day pack with only essentials aboard. No need to carry in a second pack to your hunting area.

The rifle section will be appreciated for ease of carry of your firearm when not hunting. Proper weight distribution is most important when walking in mountainous areas.

Hints On Packing Your Remote Pack.

The SamHuntVic Remote pack is best packed whilst laying flat on the floor. The main part opens like a suitcase.

Pack your gear keeping in mind the items you will need first, once you get to your camp area. They will go in last.

Pack your spare clothes first, this also gives extra padding against your back. Heavier things to the middle and top of the pack like cooker, gas bottle, eating tools, ammo and any canned food. Last inside or on the outside of the pack is the tent and tarp. with the para. cord, it could be the first thing you need at your camp, shelter. Then stand the pack up and insert water bladder in the pocket on the zip close flap, side pocket items and insert your rifle, barrel up or down but with the bolt away from your back. Tie your sleeping bag in a waterproof bag on top of pack as high as possible. If you have a separate day pack, strap it to the outside of the main pack. However you can stow the rifle section out of the way and use this pack as your hunting daypack as well after leaving most of your gear at the camp. If the pack is not completely full then use the compression straps at the side to stop your gear from shifting inside the pack. The shoulder strap adjusting straps at the bottom can be a bit noisy when you bend over and pull them tight. Some lubricant like silicone spray or Dubbin rubbed on them will stop this especially if you are hunting and using it as a day pack with the rifle section stowed away. Use the small zippered section at the top for fire lighters, snacks, small first aid kit etc.

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100% Polyester Microfibre




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This long sleeve shirt is designed to be worn next to the skin under hunting clothing. It’s moisture wicking properties are the feature as it takes perspiration away from the skin. It is a  very quick drying, 100% Cool-Tec™ polyester microfibre. It’s very soft feel make it a pleasure to wear. Flat sewn seams, no sharp annoying labels inside.

The size chart is exact, you can see that the sizes are generous. To determine your size we recommend measuring your existing clothing and then compare with the chart. In other words, just because you generally wear XL clothing doesn’t mean that our XL NTS shirt will be the same.