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Flexmark Sambar Deer Call

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This exceptional deer caller from Flexmark is successfully used worldwide to call Sambar and other species of deer. An instruction sheet is included.

Each call will make a slightly different tone and pitch because of the handmade aspect.  Play around with the pitch and tone by how hard you bite down, where you bite, and how much air you are putting through the call.  These actions will usually vary the pitch and tone.

The Sambar Stalker deer call is excellent for calling in Sambar deer from the bush and thick timber.  Many hunters are having great success in blind calling in deer which they didn’t know were in the area. Remember however, calling game animals can be difficult sometimes, and many will be unresponsive at times.  This is normal behaviour as unknown circumstances can sometimes be in play.  Don’t get discouraged, keep trying, and this caller will surely help you with a successful hunt or an enjoyable video session.


Each call has a hidden from view, unique number, registered to the buyer and on the invoice. This product has a 90 day warranty. If you have a problem with workmanship or construction email or call us to discuss your options.

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