It is generally accepted that deer and other ungulate animals do not or cannot see the colours of the visible spectrum the way that humans do. The banner above gives a representation of the difference between animal and human colour appreciation.

That is why we developed our orange hunting jacket using our registered design called Samcam­­® and we use the trademark Don’t hide from your mates in the bush™ to promote safe hunting practices.

Camouflage hunting clothing is good for hunting because…it’s built for the job regarding toughness, comfort, gadget storage and hiding from animals.

Camouflage clothing for the military is built for the same things and for hiding from people.

Don’t try to hide from people when you are hunting, wear some blaze orange to increase your safety level. Animals don’t care.

Many people hunt in remote areas. If you are unlucky enough to be injured and need help then orange colour is more easily seen from the air and from across gullies. EPIRBS and UHF radios are great these days but an extra layer of orange security doesn’t cost much.

~All Time’s Wasted Not Hunting Or Fishing ~ 

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