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SamHuntVic Waterproof Pack Cover
This bright orange pack cover is 100% waterproof and adjustable to suit many pack sizes.
Cover 55 will protect packs from 35 litre to 55 litre and Cover 70 from 55 litre to 70 litre
Draw string at the top and tape with press stud and elastic at the bottom provide a tight protective fit against water and dust.
This cover will not only protect all packs from the rain but make you easily seen by other bush users.
In a hunting situation the cover is primarily designed for backpack hunters who carry all their gear into the mountains for long treks.
However a secondary use is the covering of hunting trophies and animal skins which may be tied to packs.Specifications.Material: 210T Ninon fabric, PVC coat with a high water pressure resistance up to 3000MM
The rain resistance flap at the top has an elastic cord which enables the cover to adapt to backpacks of different sizes.
A tightening belt on each side of the cover
Air vent at the bottom. Weight 160gm



50 Litre Pack Cover, 70 Litre Pack Cover


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